"Mesquite solid hardwood flooring is quickly becoming the
wood of choice for architects, designers and home owners."

Mesquite Hardwood Flooring

The Mesquite Company is the UK’s Hardwood Flooringpremier supplier of solid hardwood mesquite flooring.

This unrivaled product is some of the most exclusive hardwood flooring available in the UK, and supply of this ‘modern mahogany’ is limited. We work closely with the most trusted producers to bring you the finest products available.

Mesquite flooring brings warmth, richness of colour and aesthetic excellence to any room.

The unique beauty and character of mesquite wood transforms your kitchen, living or dining room, bedroom or bathroom floor into a luxurious centrepiece that enhances any setting, contemporary or traditional.

Produced from the finest selectively cut timber, each piece of mesquite flooring is unique. Unlike most traditional dark hardwoods used for flooring, mesquite is not a tropical hardwood, but grows in arid areas across the World.

The harshness of conditions experienced by mesquite trees as they grow produces interesting and often highly figured grain patterns, burls, checks, stable knots and cracks along with straight grain and clear sections. Character defects are usually filled with black epoxy to stunning effect. These hardy trees thrive in tough conditions, and their amazing form, character and exceptional beauty is transposed into your living environment.

Solid Mesquite flooring from The Mesquite Company is not only beautiful, it is extremely tough, hard wearing, and made from the most dimensionally stable hardwood in the world. This means it is suitable for high traffic areas and commercial flooring applications, and can be used without hesitation in areas of high humidity such as kitchens and bathrooms. Its dimensional stability makes it the perfect solid wood choice for use over under-floor radiant heating systems. Even when wet for sustained periods of time, mesquite will not expand or contort ensuring your floor stays beautiful and structurally sound. This is the only solid hardwood floor you will ever need to purchase and will last as long as the house it is installed in. Given the hardest wear or the greatest care, mesquite hardwood flooring will last for generations and can be re-finished if necessary to restore it to its freshly laid glory.

We offer a range of exclusive high-quality mesquite flooring to suit your needs.